Long Day Group

Supervision and pedagogical instruction and guidance in spending spare time, doing homework, pursuing hobbies and developing interests is offered to students as extracurricular activities organised in a long day group. 

 A student is admitted to and excluded from a long day group by a decision of the head of school and on the basis of a request of a parent (vanema taotluse alusel).

The work organisation and daily schedule of a long day group are established by the head of school, setting a time for doing homework, outdoor recreation and hobby activities. The proposals of the board of trustees, the security and protection of the health of students, the overall teaching and education goals of the school, the age and individual characteristics of the students of the long day group, the conditions at their homes, the reasoned requests of parents and students, and the transport facilities serve as the basis for planning and organising the work of a long day group.
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The students are offered an additional brunch at around 2 p.m.:

The price per meal is 1.13 €. Payment is made according to the invoice sent by the municipality at the end of each month via e-mail to the parent.

PS! If the student is not attending school and/or long day group, the school must be informed of that no later than 9 am that morning.

We can be reached on the following phone number: + 372 60 70 339

Published 22.08.2018. Last changed 22.08.2018.