The time to give is always! Let's help the Food Bank campaign together!

Date created 01.12.2019

A little charity goes a long way! If not at Christmas, then when?! We can do good together - it's easy!

Starting from December 2nd until 16th you will find the red Food Bank collection boxes in the school foyer - come in, you can't miss them :)

The main aims of Food Banks are:

  •    fighting poverty
  •    decreasing food waste.
  •    promoting solidarity amongst people

For Estonian Food Bank the most important goal is to help families in need, especially those with children.


What to bring:

preserved/canned goods, cooking oil, porridge flakes, flour, pasta, buckwheat, sugar, honey, jam, juices, nuts, raisins, coffee/tea etc.


Let's help them help others and make Christmas better for everyone! 




Last changed 01.12.2019.