Information about the first gathering of the new school year

Date created 22.08.2018

Two separate gatherings will be held in order to celebrate the beginning of the new school year: On 1 Septemer, a gathreing for year 1 ja 9 students On 3 September, a gathering for year 2 to 8 students

Year 1 and 9 students are welcome to the opening ceremonny of the new school year on 1 September at 10 a.m. at the Community House/Municipality Centre (Tallinna mnt 24)

The gathering for year 2 to 8 students is going to be held on Spetember 3, at the sports hall.

There will be a lot of tricky buisness going on during the first weeks, if not months due to the ongoing construction work.

Bear with us, we've been here before and have survived. We shall do so once more!

Last changed 22.08.2018.